Garage Door Repair Sacramento

Need Garage Door Repair  Sacramento?

When your garage door breaks its already a hassle in your daily routine. If it breaks during odd hours, it’s even more of an inconvenience. This is why Door-Mart Garage Doors has made it our mission to service your  door at any time of the day. How many of us ever consider it even happening in the first place? We think about our cars breaking down, our appliances going out of commission, and our electronics becoming obsolete. At one point or another, we consider repairing, replacing, and upgrading our stuff. The exception for most households seem to however be our garage door and/or garage door opener, at least until an issue arises.  For one reason or another, this gigantic moving piece of your home is often looked over and quite easily at that.Sometimes, however, you might not need a garage door company to come out to your home.  For some simpler problems, you can almost certainly do the repair yourself. Here are some common problems of the garage that you can resolve on your own:

The garage door only goes halfway when you try to close it.

In this case, the garage door’s safety sensor detects an obstacle in front of its line of sight and tells the machine to pull back in an emergency. Your door will open automatically when it detects an obstacle – a bucket or a broom, can trigger this is some situations. Simply remove the obstruction and it should work fine. This issue may also occur if the sensor is dirty, dusty or condensation has accumulated (and sometimes spiderwebs).  Keep clean the lenses clean and your sensors this will not be an issue. However, if the problem persists, the sensors could possibly be faulty and you would need to replace them entirely.

The garage door is made of up and down by itself.

The explanation is very simple, it is likely that someone in your neighborhood is using a security or access code that’s similar. This can cause interference with your radio signals. The radios of the police cars and airplanes also have the same effect. To ensure that this never happens again, simply change the code.The procedure for changing a security or access code differs from a garage door opener to the other. In general, you hold the transmitter near the starting area and press a button on the transmitter for about 30 seconds (check your manual for exact timings).


If you think your station is not working as smooth as it once was you might want to check your hinges and other screws that are holding your door on track. After many days of use, its not uncommon for hinges and bolt to become loose. In some cases, they can rust, so make sure they are all in good condition so that they last for their intended lifespan. Call the service company.

If the your attempts of repairs fall short, don’t hesitate to call an expert. In some cases, you can cause further damage. Please keep in mind that you are working with an extremely heave object. If you are searching for garage door repair Sacramento, you’ve found the right company to help. Door-Mart garage doors have been servicing the Sacramento area for years and will continue to provide quality service to Sacramento residence. Call (916) 984-1202 for garage door repair Sacramento.

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