Home remodeling projects that are not worth the investment

The following is an except of an article that may be of interest to some home owners that are trying to sell their property.  I found this through a Squidoo lens. Enjoy!

Big home remodeling projects may not be worth the investment
By Alan J. Heavens

If a seller is making improvements, they have to be the right ones. Perhaps just new appliances or a new sink, said Ruth Feldman of Weichert Realtors/McCarthy Associates in Philadelphia.

“A new kitchen or bath with the wrong layout or amenities will hurt the sale,” she said.

“If a new deck or finishing the basement will expand the space in a very small house, then that might make sense or be worth the money, even if don’t see the exact dollar return, as it would make a big impact.”

In a continuing climate of tight credit, getting the money to pay for home improvements is difficult, unless your pockets are very deep.

“The home-equity loans and lines of credit are just fancy names for a second mortgage, and that market is a bit tough,” Philadelphia mortgage broker/Realtor Fred Glick said.

“Most banks are still going up to 80 percent loan-to-value, and I actually have one lender that will do 85 percent,” he said. “But credit must be very, very good, and full income documentation is a must, along with a real appraisal that needs to be done, not just a drive-by.”

The old fashioned home-improvement loan? Very hard to come by, Glick said.

Remodeling has slowed nationwide. Architects were hit hard as real estate sales dwindled after the home buyers’ tax credit expired June 30. And the index used by the American Institute of Architects to measure future spending on construction fell in October after rising […]

Luxury Garage Doors

In a recent study, Real estate agents nationwide were asked to determine if a garage door’s appearance made a difference in the overall listing price they would value a house at.  Nearly all of the agents that participated agreed that a new garage door enhances curb appeal of a property. For those that are unfamiliar with that term, curl appeal is simply how much attention your property can grab from people that pass by your house.

Also, 75 percent of the agents believe that a garage door will add value to a property. Most of these agents have even recommended that a homeowner replace their garage door when listing their house for sale, especially if the condition of the door was extremely poor and visible to the naked eye. The exterior of the home is generally the first thing that people see.  And even though we all know that we should not judge a book by its cover, it’s impossible to not judge a house by its exterior’s condition. Nearly half of the study’s participants also said appearance was a big reason because the age or style of the door detracted from the homes curb appeal.

With the wide range of door styles available these days, a simple change in your garage door can make a huge difference. Sometimes doing something as simple as painting your door will help bring your house value up. Choosing the right color can be hard, but generally if the door matches your home’s paint pallet you should be fine.

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Saving Money through Garage Door Maintenance

Saving Money through Garage Door Maintenance

At least once a year you should examine the garage door(s) on your property. To insure for proper operation and the longevity of your investment, we recommend that you pay-attention to your garage during daily use. When you find time to do a relatively simple walkthrough we encourage that you follow these steps:

1. Disengage your opener by means of the emergency release and manually open and close the door. During this time, the garage should operate smoothly without making loud noises. If you can open your garage door with one hand, make sure that it’s not flying up or slamming shut.
2. Check the cables and chain, torsion springs, rollers, and track. As you look at those, also go over the hinges and mounting brackets because sometimes screws come loose.
3. Perform preventative maintenance by having a good lubricant that is made for garage doors. Remember that WD-40 is not a lubricant. With your garage door closed, place a tiny amount at each point on the door where there’s a moving part. When you’re finished, manually open and close the door to work the lubricant in. Don’t forget the bearings on a torsion spring (which is located above the door when closed).

According to Pete Martin of Door-Mart, “garage door systems will last about 10-20 years. Like anything else that we use, if there’s high usage and poor maintenance, we can’t expect that our investment will last […]

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Spring Repairs

In most situations a company will come out and replace the spring with an entirely new spring. Even though there are some companies that will offer actual repairs on the broken spring, this is not recommended at all. Usually when springs break it is because the metal has become “weak.” Unfortunately metal will weaken over the course of time, especially when it is put under constant strain. A broken spring could be due to a multitude of reasons: weather, heavy usage, poor quality products, and etc. In this case, repairing it would be comparable to patching up a pair of worn out jeans. If you found a rip in your old tattered jeans, patching it to cover the rip might work, but eventually the jean will rip somewhere else. It could be the next day or even a month from now. But getting the item replaced entirely would avoid this (soon to be) problem.

If one spring breaks, we also recommend that you replace the second spring along with the one that broke. The reasoning behind this is that you want your springs to have the same amount of wear and tear on them. In many situations, when one spring breaks, the second one will break soon after. In the case that you have one broken spring and decide to only change one, if the second one breaks within the following days or month, this would cost you more money in the longrun. Consider the time you would save by doing it all at once. You would only pay for one service call (if there is one) and you would only have to take one day off from work. Also, in many cases, the garage […]

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Safety Advancements by Stephanie

Have you ever slammed your finger in the garage door? It can be very painful and furthermore irritating. One innovation that has come about in modern garage doors is the jam proof garage door. Wayne-Dalton is a prime example of offering safety features in their doors. With WayneGard finger saving feature it has prevented many injuries. The edges on these types of doors are shaped so instead of consuming your fingers it repels them. This unique feature is only one of many new safety advancements. An additional great safety standard is the one in which the door will automatically reverse if any object comes in contact with it while it goes up. Moreover, if anything interferes with the operators’ eye sensors the door will stop and reverse. These features provide our clients with reassurance for themselves and their family. Nothing is worse than not being mindful and rolling up either your hand or your child’s hand. When you least expect it, garage doors shock you once again! Door-Mart Garage Doors work closely with Wayne-Dalton and all they offer. We would love to assist you in the process of making your home a little safer.

Amarr Garage Doors – Regular Speed Impact Testing

Watch as the quality of an Amarr door gets put to the test.
Amarr is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of door access systems for residential garages, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other commercial applications.
Amarr is the style and safety choice for door systems. They offer a wide selection of sectional overhead garage doors as well as LiftMaster™ and Linear opening systems for both residential and commercial uses. With 17 residential product lines, including carriage house style doors in steel, wood, and composite and a wide array of commercial doors such as sectional steel doors and rolling steel doors, Amarr has a door that is right for you. Find the perfect fit for your house and wallet. With a huge selection of garage doors to choose from, we are sure that you would be happy with a quality choice such as Amarr. They are one of the leading manufacturers in the garage door industry.

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Wooden Garage Doors- Appeal!

Wood garage doors are a great way to up the value of your home. There are many types of wooden doors one can choose from. A great way to save money and still accomplish the look of a wooden door is to purchase an engineered wooden sectional door. These doors are tested to hold up to many weather factors. If you really want to stun passer-buyers then you should go with the swing out garage door. This consists of two doors that swing open. The down side to this type of door is that it can only be opened manually. This type of door can add a visual enhancement that many only dream about. Door-Mart Garage Doors specialize in custom doors such as these. If your looking to purchase a wood door I would advise that you to go with a company that specializes in just that.

Sacramento Garage Repair

Many People think that it is easy to fix a garage door so they attempt to fix it themselves. On most occasions, the attempt of fixing the door results in more damage, which ultimately leaves the homeowner very upset. Instead of incurring more of a hassle, I recommend that you contact a specialist who on a daily basis handles repairs to a garage door. Many people may think that when our technicians come out there and provide service, that the job is easy but in reality the only reason the job looks simple is because our technicians are trained and certified in the repair and install of garage door. We take pride in offering rapid and accurate service and always keep the customer in mind. Sacramento Garage Repair offers a great sales team who can assist you in your process of repair and install. So next time you think about doing a home repair to your garage, remember yes it may save you money at the moment but in the long run it may cause you to shell out more money and may also injure you in the process.

Curb Appeal

Think of your garage door as a movable wall that gives your house more of a curb appeal. New home owners are constantly looking for ways to up the value of their home. One way to do so is to invest in a new garage door. Advances in the way garage doors look have in recent times sky rocketed. Many older homes come equipped with the basic wood door or a basic steel roll-up door. After twenty years these doors can look very drab, lowering the property value. Some of the newer doors do not look like garage doors at all. You can choose from many types: unique doors, arched openings, stained glass designs, any type of wood sectional, copper doors, custom ornamental hardware, and even carriage house doors. These are only some of the advancements a homeowner can make in hopes of increasing their home value. In this era, curb appeal is key for the sell of a home or to maintain the property value.

Nylon Rollers- Quiet at last!

One of the most common factors in having a noisy garage door is the roller itself. Many of the older doors come equipped with steel rollers. The newest innovation is the nylon roller. By the addition of the nylon roller it allows a softer rotation on the tracks. It makes a huge difference! We advise many customers to switch from the old style metal rollers to the nylon rollers because overall it offers a sleeker garage door. The additional quietness is a very good addition to any door.