Garage Door Tips

Curb Appeal

Think of your garage door as a movable wall that gives your house more of a curb appeal. New home owners are constantly looking for ways to up the value of their home. One way to do so is to invest in a new garage door. Advances in the way garage doors look have in recent times sky rocketed. Many older homes come equipped with the basic wood door or a basic steel roll-up door. After twenty years these doors can look very drab, lowering the property value. Some of the newer doors do not look like garage doors at all. You can choose from many types: unique doors, arched openings, stained glass designs, any type of wood sectional, copper doors, custom ornamental hardware, and even carriage house doors. These are only some of the advancements a homeowner can make in hopes of increasing their home value. In this era, curb appeal is key for the sell of a home or to maintain the property value.

Nylon Rollers- Quiet at last!

One of the most common factors in having a noisy garage door is the roller itself. Many of the older doors come equipped with steel rollers. The newest innovation is the nylon roller. By the addition of the nylon roller it allows a softer rotation on the tracks. It makes a huge difference! We advise many customers to switch from the old style metal rollers to the nylon rollers because overall it offers a sleeker garage door. The additional quietness is a very good addition to any door.