Beware of Automatic Garage Door Openers with Garage Door Locks

One of the happiest times a homeowner has is adding an automatic garage door opener to an existing garage door that does not have one.  All the years of getting out of the car, in the rain, with the kids in the car, or when you are just plain tired….just to open up the garage door.  All that misery and torture coming to an end….they can’t wait.  Push a button and magic, the garage door opens up for your grand entrance.

The new motor is installed on your garage door.  You are instructed how to operate the new automatic garage door opener.  It might be a Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Linnear, Skylink, Guardian…..even a topline opener such as Marantec or LiftLogix.  You are so excited at the new magic machine, opening and closing your garage door.  The garage door company who installed the opener leaves and you drive your car to the safety of your garage for the night.

You lock the garage door as you always have and smile as you anticipate the new day of automatic access.  In the morning, you are excited to push a button to back your vehicle out of the garage. You press your new remote control button…. Your big smile suddenly turns to a major frown and fear as the loud noise of your garage door crunching and coming off the tracks fills the garage.

What happened?  Unfortunately, a common mistake was made.  You were not aware that the existing garage door lock should have been removed or disabled when installing a new garage door opener.  The garage door opener installation technician went over safety features, including the infrared safety sensors, the automatic reverse cluth safety reverse, the wall button lock, […]