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Door-Mart™ Garage Doors repairs all types of garage doors and automatic garage door openers. We replace broken garage door springs, realign off-track garage doors, replace broken cable wires, and any other garage door issue that needs attention.

Antelope, CA Garage Door Services

Located in Sacramento County in California, Antelope is a family-friendly city with a population of less than 50,000 residents. It is situated about 5 miles southwest of Roseville and 15 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento. Antelope has some of the most beautiful parks around including the Antelope Station Park, Blue Oak Park, and Antelope Community Park.

While the city boasts beautiful features, it also has properties that are subject to issues from time to time. One of the most notable of said issues includes garage doors.

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Benefits of A New Antelope, CA Garage Door Services

Common Malfunctions With Garage Door Openers

If your home’s architecture is contemporary, mid-century modern, or somewhere in between, and you’re looking for the right garage door to match your style, look no further than our wide range of modern contemporary doors.

At Door-Mart™ Garage Doors, we have doors available in multiple styles, colors, textures, and features that can be further customized to fit your needs. Our skilled, in-house garage door specialists can help you create the perfect look for your home with high-quality, durable garage doors. We also provide prompt and efficient Antelope, CA garage door repair and maintenance services at competitive rates.

Modern Contemporary Doors To Choose From In 2021

An attractive looking and sturdy garage door can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. It’s vital to consider the architecture and color palette of your overall home when choosing a garage door for a unified look. Here are some compelling garage door styles to look out for:

Mid-Century Modern

A mid-century modern style home combines function and form, which is why they’re so popular with homebuyers these days. They not only have a striking aesthetic, but they also prioritize easy, convenient living. Subtle décor, clean lines, and streamlined finishes are an ideal option for a garage door that’s mid-century modern. Consult a skilled and knowledgeable Antelope, CA garage door installation team for the right options to match with your needs.

Full Glass

If you’re looking for a truly modern garage door, nothing can beat a full glass door. It combines maximum functionality with contemporary styling and is an incredible way to upgrade the exterior of your house. This is also a salient option for you if you want to turn your garage into a multi-purpose space. When you pick a full glass garage door, it increases the amount of natural light that can pour into your garage. So, your garage becomes a spacious place where you can work, exercise, or just chill out.

Steel Wooden Planks

A steel wood plank garage door by CHI is an option to consider if you want to use natural materials. It may seem a little too traditional to some, but when placed horizontally, wooden planks create a contemporary aesthetic that adds to the visual appeal of any home. Plus, they reflect the environment-friendly concepts that are so significant for homebuyers today.

Farmhouse or Craftsman

Want to enhance your farmhouse, craftsman-style home, or bungalow? A craftsman-style garage door might be a great option for you.

These doors usually feature garage door windows and a panel design, but there are several variations available. If you want to increase the amount of natural light inside your garage, this style of garage door that features windows is a great idea; it will also help you maintain your privacy.

Carriage Doors

When people think of carriage doors, they usually think of horse-drawn wagons of the old days. However, these doors are far from outdated. Carriage style has always been a firm favorite with homeowners and remains so.

While conventional carriage doors are swing doors, a modern twist can increase their functionality. By combining the style and character of carriage doors with a modern garage opening mechanism, you can create the ultimate contemporary garage door.

Choosing the Right Antelope, CA Garage Door Maintenance & Installation Company

Regardless of what garage door style you choose, Door-Mart™ Garage Doors can help you upgrade the appearance of your home with new garage doors. Our end-to-end Antelope, CA garage door repair and installation services give you the assurance of first-rate quality from start to finish.

Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that dependable professionals will oversee every element of the project. To learn more or to arrange for new garage door installation now, call us at 800-829-9833 or contact us online.


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