Your garage door system is probably the heaviest and the largest moving object in your home. Timely garage door inspections and maintenance can ensure that all garage door components, including the garage door opener, continue to operate safely and reliably at all times. Here are five essential rules for a garage door inspection that will put your family’s safety first when you have a functioning garage overhead door at home.

Inspections Matter Even if the Garage Door Is Working Well

On the outside, it may appear that your garage door is working without any trouble. However, garage door openers have a number of moving parts, any of which could fail without warning and create a safety hazard. For example, the garage door’s cable may have frayed or the torsion spring may be worn-out. Without a preventative inspection or periodic maintenance, an accident or injury is waiting to happen.

Make Sure the Balance of Your Garage Door Is Correct

One of the more sensitive and difficult things to maintain in your garage door is the balance. If the balance is incorrect, it is best to have your garage system inspected by a trained garage door technician from Door-Mart Garage Doors. Making this adjustment on your own may prove to be dangerous. An expert will ensure everything is securely attached and working properly.

Check the Mechanical Reverse Function of Your Garage Door

Inspecting the mechanical reverse function of your garage door is vital to your safety. During the scheduled garage door inspection, a skilled technician from the team at Door-Mart Garage Doors will test this safety feature to make sure it is functioning correctly. When a closing door comes in contact with an object, it should automatically reverse and re-open to avoid an accident.

Inspect the Condition of the Garage Door Springs, Cables, and Pulleys

Your garage door has torsion springs as well as extension springs that help pull it up. If they are squeaking despite lubrication, your garage door inspection specialist from Door-Mart will evaluate whether a repair or replacement is necessary. They will also pay close attention to the lifting cables of your garage door opener to identify any signs of fraying or damage.

The cable portion around the base of the roller bracket may deteriorate faster because of exposure to moisture. Inspecting the condition of your garage door’s pulleys is equally important. This is a high-tension part, which should only be serviced by an expert. During the annual inspection process, a technician from Door-Mart will look for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and make the appropriate safety recommendations.

Evaluate the Condition of Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

Your garage door rollers may be made from steel or nylon. During the inspection, the rollers must be assessed for wear and tear. Your garage door inspection specialist from Door-Mart will know how to identify the different signs of damage or deterioration in steel or nylon rollers. Another key part to focus on when you are ready to inspect your garage door is the hinges.

It is vital to ensure that the hinges between door panels are properly anchored and attached. If the hinge has loose screws and it gets ignored, there is an increased risk of accident. Following a professional inspection, you will know whether the hinges require a replacement.

Schedule Your Garage Door Maintenance Inspection and Tune-up

To guarantee that your garage door system works safely under all conditions, you need a reliable garage door repair, maintenance, and installation service provider. At Door-Mart Garage Doors, we offer comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance inspections and tune-ups for your garage door, garage door opener, and garage door parts.

Our expert teams are equipped to ensure your garage door functions optimally and will perform efficient repairs or replace components as necessary. If you haven’t had a garage door inspection in a while, it is time to speak to us. Most garage doors need to be checked at least once a year. Call us today at 800-829-9833 or contact us online to make an appointment.


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