While many think of garage doors as simply a practical addition for safety and convenience, they can also add style and impact the home’s curb appeal. There are various styles of garage doors to choose from, with each type offering something a little different. The right garage door should blend seamlessly with your property and suit your requirements.

Door-Mart Garage Doors’ guide will help you choose from the various types of garage doors and styles trending in 2022.

What Are the Latest Trends for Garage Doors?

Garage doors have come a long way in the last few years. Modern aesthetics and features like automatic openers, energy-saving designs, natural wood, glass, or steel garage doors, and weather-stripping options have made garage doors easier to use and safer than ever before, not to mention more stylish.

The latest trends in garage door technology include:

Electric Openers

One of the best features making it easier for homeowners is electric openers for all types of garage doors. This modern door opening function helps save time and makes life easier. An electric garage door opener uses a motor that automatically raises and lowers the door with the push of a button. They can also be programed to work through an app or by recognizing a signal from your car. This allows you to pull your car in and out of your garage without stepping out of the vehicle. Electric openers work with all kinds of garage door types, from roll up garage doors and sectional garage doors to canopy garage doors and side-hinged garage doors.

Energy-Efficient Doors

Today, most garage doors are promoted as energy-efficient models that are easy to operate and maintain. Energy-efficient doors have better insulation to maintain the temperature of the space inside and lower energy costs. They can be opened manually or automatically and come with advanced protection to ensure security.

Smart Sensors

Some doors come equipped with sensors, light switches, door sensors, or keypads, so you know when a door has been left open or when a vehicle has been parked outside of the garage.

The Benefits of Getting the Latest Garage Door Style

If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, a garage door is one of the most impactful things that you can change. You can also protect your vehicles and possessions in your garage with the right door. New garage doors include advanced safety and security systems with minimal risk of accidents or breakdowns. A stylish and functionally superior garage door design will also boost the market value of your home.

Why Choose Contemporary Garage Door Styles?

Contemporary garage doors incorporate the clean lines of modern architecture designs. These doors are popular for homes that want to update their look without losing the functionality of an operating garage door. The benefits most commonly associated with contemporary garage doors are their versatility, customization, and low maintenance.

Nowadays, garage doors can be made from different materials and with different hardware, which allows them to fit in with any aesthetic. You might want to go for wood garage doors with iron hardware for the look of carriage house doors. Or maybe you want steel garage doors in a solid color because they will need to withstand heavy usage.

Another benefit is the sheer number of styles available. There are thousands of different contemporary garage door models. Most manufacturers have individual designs, and many have catalogs dedicated exclusively to one style. You can customize garage doors to your own tastes as well. Maybe you want raised panel garage doors on your attached garage for a classic look. Or maybe you want a wood door with windows for natural light. Or maybe you want the ultra sleek design and go for a modern double garage door with all glass panels.

The variety of designs available ensures that something out there will work with any home’s aesthetic.

Concluding Remarks

The options for replacing your garage door with a new garage door are plentiful. Take the time to research and find a door that fits your style, space, and budget. As long as the door opens, you can design it however you want.

Ensure you have adequate clearance in your garage door opening for maneuvering the door to open and close fully. It may not be possible to get all the features you want. However, picking the right garage door will help you improve your home’s  appearance while keeping your vehicle and home safe.

Not sure which garage door style will suit you best? Don’t worry. Call the garage door specialists at Door-Mart Garage Doors today for advice. Speak to us at 800-829-9833 or contact us online.


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