When you are planning to install a commercial garage door in Auburn, CA, it is important to choose the model that fits your functional requirements and your budget. Safety must be an overriding concern when picking a commercial door. Considering that your business may have a high number of people passing through, you need tough commercial garage doors that are resilient, reliable, and secure.

Select the Right Type of Commercial Overhead Door

Most commercial garage doors in Auburn, CA are available in two primary categories: sectional doors and rolling doors. If your business has a significant volume of daily traffic and you expect the door to be opened and closed frequently, you might consider a commercial sectional garage door model from Door-Mart Garage Doors that offers hassle-free performance.

Rolling commercial garage doors are usually made from aluminum or galvanized steel, which makes them sturdy, secure and long-lasting. Rolling steel doors are more ideally suited if your business requires sufficient space for goods and materials. Automotive shops, warehouses, and storage areas often use rolling steel garage doors. From an added safety viewpoint, both types of commercial doors can be fireproofed and insulated.

Choose a Material to Fit Your Safety and Functional Needs

You must also take into account the type of material the door is made from while you are considering different types of commercial or industrial doors in Auburn, CA. Different materials will provide different values from the perspective of safety, usage, and aesthetics.

When you have more frequent use of the door or when the safety of people and goods is a topmost concern, you might want to go for steel. Insulated steel doors are built to last and provide a robust level of safety and security. Aluminum doors are relatively lightweight and more functional, but they may offer slightly lower protection.

If your goal is to create an aesthetically appealing and inviting environment at your commercial and industrial premises, you might even consider choices from aluminum glass doors. There are also high-speed fabric doors, but they are not very tough commercial doors.

Focus on the Type of Security Features Included in the Garage Door

When it comes to Auburn, CA commercial garage doors, safety and security of the premise is usually a priority for business owners. No matter what type of commercial garage door you choose, you should make sure it will provide you with the level of security you need. Our experienced commercial garage door installation specialists can guide you about safety and security customization to match your unique internal and external applications.

You may choose from a range of solid, reliable locks with specific features, such as placement outside or inside, and powered or manually operated. Moreover, it is possible to integrate cutting-edge security features with your garage door opener through deadlocks that engage automatically, scrambled code, and pre-programmed door closing after a certain time limit.

Consider Insulation and Noise Blocking Features for the Garage Door

When you want your commercial garage door in Auburn, CA to improve the safety of your building occupants, visitors, equipment, and products, it should offer protection against outdoor conditions. An insulated commercial garage door will not only help protect against the elements, it will also help cut down your energy bills by improving thermal efficiency.

If you are concerned about the noise levels at your commercial or industrial facility, you may look at the options for noise insulation. The expert installation team at Door-Mart can guide you through the appropriate noise dampening solutions to minimize the sound level that might escape through your sectional steel commercial doors.

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