You use your garage door nearly every day and have never thought that one day you would be searching for a garage door replacement California service. However, the day has come where you seem to be noticing some serious signs that your garage door needs a replacement and is beyond repair.

One small issue can quickly spiral out of control and end in devastation. Not only can your door stop working altogether but you and your loved ones may be injured because of a malfunction. There are six reasons you may need to immediately begin searching for a garage door replacement California services.

1. Power Source

The power source is the most important component of making your door work. If it is not working and you have checked all of the outlets, then there may be a deeper underlying issue. This can lead to a garage door replacement.

2. The Door Works Intermittently

A garage door is meant to work on demand and not when it feels like it. When you begin to notice that your garage door is working when it feels like working and not when you press the buttons to make it work. This is a sign that you need a garage door replacement in California. The reason behind the door working intermittently is that there is a wiring issue.

You may be tempted to try and troubleshoot the problem at home but unfortunately, this requires the help of professionals as there is no at-home troubleshooting. If the door does not respond to you, this can be dangerous as the door may close on top of your car or worse a loved one.

3. The Door Opens and Then Reverses

You may notice that your garage door opens and then immediately reverses. This issue is a bit tricky as it can be caused by several issues that may or may not require garage door replacement California services. Typically this means there is a problem with the photo safety eyes or the sensors that hover right above the ground. They are meant to stop the garage door from closing if they detect something in its path. Your door may never close if there is an issue with the photo safety eyes.

4. The Door Makes Weird Noises

Some garage doors are noisier than others. However, if you notice that your garage door is making strange noises than normal it may be time to get it checked out. There is no single or obvious cause as to why your garage door is making noises. You will need to contact a professional to determine if this can be solved with a simple repair or if the garage door needs to be replaced.

5. Torsion Springs are Broken

The biggest issue that can lead to a garage door replacement is broken torsion springs. You should never try to fix these on your own as torsion springs are very heavy and dangerous. You will know a torsion spring is broken because it will make a loud sound similar to a firework.

6. The Door is Older

Unlike wine that gets better with age, garage doors do not get better with age. They instead deteriorate with time and will need to be replaced at some point. If your garage door is older than 15 years, it may be time to search for garage door replacement California services.

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