Residential Garage Door Maintenance

There’s nothing more frustrating than pressing the button on the garage door opener as you return home from a long day at work and your garage door does not open. What’s worse is when there is an urgent need to get a vehicle out of the garage and the garage door malfuntions.

Don’t let lack of residential garage door maintenance on your overhead garage door put you in these situations.. Call the experienced and trusted residential garage door maintenance technicians at Door-Mart™ Garage Doors for service.

Maintenance Should be a Regular Occurrence

The maintenance of your residential garage door can wind up saving you a lot of money and headaches down the road in costly repairs or replacement of the door. The more often you schedule maintenance appointments, the less likely it is that you will encounter a serious problem with the garage door. A technician who visits your home to conduct maintenance will be able to spot potential problems before they become more costly to repair.

Be sure to put your trust in Door-Mart™ Garage Doors at least once a year for residential garage door maintenance. We have more than 40 years of experience repairing and replacing garage doors for clients throughout California.

We serve clients in Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego,, and surrounding cities.

Call us today at 1-800-829-9833 to schedule an appointment for service.

You Can Play a Role in Maintenance

It’s possible for you as the homeowner to play a role in the residential garage door maintenance of your doors.

Keep an eye on the doors as you use them each day, especially if you use them multiple times per day. The more often the doors are used, the more likely it becomes that they could require repair or replacement.

As you operate the door, listen for unusual sounds, such as screeching, clicking, thumping, buzzing and whistling. These sounds signal that there may be underlying issues somewhere within the track system, with the motor, the torsion system or with the door panels and hardware components. You should also check for damage to the interior and exterior of the garage door panels. Damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse and affecting the structural integrity of the panels themselves. If there are issues with the garage door systems, most repairs should be conducted by a trained and trusted garage door repair technician..

How to Find a Trusted Garage Door Technician

It can be challenging to find a garage door technician whom you trust and can rely on when you call to schedule an appointment.

All too often these days contractors don’t return calls, fail to arrive on time for a service appointment, or perform less than professional work. When you call Door-Mart™ Garage Doors you can rest assured that you will be communicated with promptly and recieve quality, professional service from our garage door repair technicians. We have built a successful business across 40 years in California by providing our customers with superior service related to their garage door needs.

Be sure to review the hundreds of positive reviews at Customer Lobby and browse our website to read about our services. Our customers explain why they chose Door-Mart™ Garage Doors for their residential garage door maintenance, repair, and installation.

What is done during The Service Maintenance ?

If you schedule a yearly garage door maintenance appointment with Door-Mart™ Garage Doors, our technicians will inspect and assess the following conditions for you:

  • Hardware components such as fasteners, bolts, lag screws, hinge bolts and bearings.
  • Ensure the door is riding properly on the tracks
  • Ensure that the motor is running properly
  • Maintain and Adjust spring tension
  • Lubricate multiple areas of the garage door system
  • Inspect and replace rollers (it is a recommende industry advisory to inspect rollers every two years and replace them every five years)
  • Jamb seal and weatherstripping wear and condition inspection
  • Torsion cable adjustment and/or replacements

Routine maintenance of a garage door is vital to its overall health, especially if it is used multiple times per day. The more often the door is used, the more likely it becomes that maintenance is required on a more frequent basis to avoid the ptifalls of costly garage door repair or garage door replacement. . Call Door-Mart™ Garage Doors at 1-800-829-9833 today to schedule an appointment for service, maintenance, emergency repairs, or to request a new garage door and automatic garage door opener project estimate.

Schedule Residential Garage Door Maintenance Today

You can also get your residential garage door on our annual maintenance schedule list at Door-Mart™ Garage Doors by calling 1-800-829-9833 today.

Whether you have questions, need to schedule an appointment for service, or want to have a new garage door installed, Door-Mart™ Garage Doors of California is here to provide you with superior service.

We are a fully licensed and insured California contractor (Lic. #898715).


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