Door-Mart™ offers Garage Door Installation to anyone in California.

When it comes to residential garage door installation, The Door Mart Garage Door company serves the areas of:

  • Sacramento
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Fresno
  • Many other surrounding cities

Our team works closely with residential garage door companies including:

  • CHI
  • Unique
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Windsor
  • Amarr
  • Clopay
  • Northwest Door
  • And Martin Garage Doors

If you have any other companies in mind that you don’t see listed above, feel free to speak with our team. The Door-Mart Garage Door team works with all garage door manufacturers and is open to your ideas to ensure that the project is completed appropriately and efficiently.

Door Mart Garage Door technicians provide professional services and repairs on all types of residential and special doors:

  • Non-Insulated Doors
  • Vinyl Back Insulated Doors
  • Recessed Panel Garage Doors
  • Flush Panel Garage Doors
  • Carriage House Overlay- Fiberglass Doors
  • Carriage House Overlay-Steel Doors
  • Carriage House Overlay-Wood Doors
  • Carriage House Stamped Doors
  • Aluminum Frame Full View Doors

To give you more of an idea of the types of doors Door-Mart Garage Doors uses, the following garage doors are further explored below.

#1. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

More specifically detailed here, non-insulated garage doors have an open back. These types of doors are made only of steel and are most appropriate for warm areas.

#2. Vinyl Back Insulated Doors

Vinyl back insulated doors are filled with sheets of polystyrene insulation. The part of the door that is exposed to the inside of the garage insulation is covered with material that is closely associated with thick wallpaper.

#3. Recessed Panel Garage Doors

Recessed panel garage doors can visually be described as portraying the look of stile and rail construction while it also entails insulation for high energy efficiency.

#4. Flush Panel Garage Doors

Flush panel garage doors are known for delivering optimum performance and durability at affordable prices. Features consist of raised panels with two coats of polyester paint.

#5. Carriage House Overlay Fiberglass Doors

Carriage house overlay fiberglass doors are made up of the look of wood combined with the durability of fiberglass. Meanwhile, carriage house overlay steel doors involve traditional wood and steel.

If you are uncertain of the type of residential garage door installation you need for your property- home or business rest assured we send the best in the business to inspect your land. With the proper tools, techniques, and knowledge of our employees, you will have everything you need to confidently make your decision. Door-Mart Garage Doors will thoroughly explain in detail all the different types of doors available in addition to features of safety and protection. We will gladly keep you informed on residential garage door installation with updates during the process from start to finish.

Safety and protection are also a highly motivating force behind our work and services. When our customers feel safe and protected, we know we not only did the job the correct way but the best way possible.

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When one of our representatives speaks with you, a mutually agreed time and setting is agreed upon between both participating parties so that your land can be evaluated.

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