Garage doors are often overlooked when building or remodeling a house. Not only do they provide security and protection, but they can also improve your home’s aesthetics or increase its resale value. Whether you live in California or another state, your garage door can make or break the first impression in your neighborhood.

Garage doors make up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, so it should be done right. Garage doors come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, which means there’s no shortage of choices when deciding what kind of garage door will work best for your home.

Depending on your type of home, you need to consider matching garage door styles that go with your overall design scheme. In addition, you want to create an overall look that suits your home’s current architectural features, such as windows, roofline, and other details. 

To help you decide on the perfect garage door for your home, we’ve put together this handy guide to show you how to choose the right one corresponding to each type of California home.

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes

California ranch-style homes are known for their open floor plans and wide porches. Ranch-style homes typically have a low-pitched roof that extends over the entire house and most of them have a covered porch at the front of the house. These homes are also known for their wide expanses of glass, most of them having at least three paned windows along the main wall.

If you’re looking for a garage door that complements the architecture of a ranch-style home, then you might want to opt for a garage door that incorporates a horizontal line. Horizontal lines give the illusion of depth and add visual interest to any structure.

Garage Panel Style: Traditional

Door Material: Steel, Fiberglass

Door Design: Raised Panel Garage Doors

Colors: True White, Gray, Almond

Mediterranean Style Homes

Mediterranean-style homes are characterized by their Spanish or Mediterranean influences. They have high ceilings, arched windows, stucco exteriors, and tiled roofs. Their walls are often painted white or taupe. Some of them have brick accents or stucco finishes.

When choosing a garage door for a Mediterranean-style home, it should reflect the same style. If you like the idea of having a garage door with a Spanish theme, then you can opt for steel garage doors with a wooden overlay. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something more traditional, you can opt to get a garage door made out of steel.

Garage Panel Styles: Carriage House, Modern, Traditional

Door Material: Fiberglass, Wood, Steel

Door Design: Full View, MultiView, Lucern

Colors: Black, Wicker Tan, Sandtone, Champagne Anodized, Terratone

Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style homes are beloved for their unique, rustic charm. They have a simple yet elegant appearance, clean lines, and smooth surfaces. In addition, they tend to have large windows and lots of natural light. A typical example of a craftsman style home would be a bungalow. The most common feature found in these houses is a gable roof with a sloped top and two sides. These roofs usually extend over the front porch and sometimes even over the back deck.

A garage door that matches the craftsmanship of these homes has a more classic appearance. A popular choice for a garage door is a double-panel garage door. It provides ample space for storage and looks great when paired with wood siding. Another option is a single-panel garage door. It gives off a more contemporary feel than a double panel door. 

Garage Panel Style: Carriage House

Door Material: Steel, Wood, Fiberglass

Door Designs: Bead Board, Laurel Bay, Lucern

Colors: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Wicker Tan

Modern and Contemporary Style Homes

Modern homes are distinguished by their clean lines and sleek designs. Modern or contemporary styles are highly customizable and tend to be much bigger than other houses. They usually have large rooms and lots of natural light. The most common feature of modern homes is their lack of ornamentation.

You can’t go wrong when choosing a garage door for modern homes. It doesn’t matter what kind of material you use, whether wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. What matters is how it looks. So choose a garage door with a simple design that fits into the house’s overall aesthetic.

Garage Panel Styles: Modern

Door Materials: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel

Door Designs: Full View, MultiView

 Colors: Clear Anodize, True White, Dark Bronze, Almond, Black

Country French Homes

Charming details and beautiful gardens characterize French country homes. Country French homes are generally located near mountains and forests. They’re also known for having massive lawns and expansive yards. These homes exude warmth and comfort.

The best way to match a garage door to a French country home is to find a style that complements the home’s exterior. For example, if you live in an area with plenty of trees and green grass, then a rustic garage door might work well. Or, if you prefer more of a traditional feel, a classic garage door may fit better.

Garage Panel Style: Carriage House

Door Material: Steel, Steel Overlay, Wood

Door Design: Long Bead Board, Santiago

Color: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Charcoal Gray

Cottage Style Homes

Cottage-style homes are generally small and cozy. They are often located on smaller plots of land. Cottage-style homes are very similar to one another. They all have a low-pitched roof and a small front porch. They also have an abundance of windows.

For a cottage-style home, you’ll want a garage door that’s as small as possible. A garage door that’s too big will make your cottage look larger than it is. You can choose between a standard single panel garage door or a multi-view garage door with optional windows. Both options provide adequate room for parking cars and storing items.

Garage Panel Styles: Carriage House, Traditional

Door Material: Steel, Steel Overlay

Door Designs: Short Panel, Bead Board, Laurel Bay

Color: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Dark Brown

Colonial Style Homes

Colonial homes are typically found in the southern part of California. Colonial homes are known for their wide porches and spacious living areas. Symmetrical lines are characteristic of colonial houses. They often have two stories and a gable roof. Square imprints and perfectly positioned windows are some of the features that define this style.

A garage door for a colonial home should be symmetrical. It shouldn’t have any odd angles or sharp corners. Also, its size should be proportionate to the rest of the house. Finally, a garage door should complement the house’s architectural features and shouldn’t overpower the house’s architecture.

Garage Panel Styles: Carriage House, Traditional

Door Material: Steel, Fiberglass, Wood

Door Design: Short Panel, Bead Board

Color: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Dark Brown

Victorian Style Homes

Ornamental details and intricate patterns characterize Victorian-style homes, and these homes are generally located in the northern part of California. They’re also known as Queen Anne-style homes. Victorian homes are considered one of the most elegant styles of all time. 

If you want your garage door to look like an authentic Victorian style, choose a garage door with many decorative elements. Then, look at the details on the garage door and see if they resemble anything in the house. You could even get creative and paint the garage door to match the house’s colors.

With unique styled carriage house doors, your garage will stand out in the neighborhood.

Garage Panel Styles: Carriage House, Traditional

Door Material: Steel, Steel Overlay,

Door Design: Long Panel, Long Bead Board, Pinetop

Color: True White, Almond, Sandstone

Cape Cod Style Homes

Cape Cod-style homes are characterized by quaint houses and white picket fences and are usually found in coastal regions. The houses are built close together and are surrounded by lots of greenery.

A Cape Cod house has a central chimney and a large porch. A cape cod-style garage door can help add a decorative touch to your home. A garage door for a Cape Cod home should be large enough to accommodate a car. In addition, a steel garage door will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You can add charm to your garage by using natural wood garage doors. Wood panels give a warm feeling while adding character to the garage door.

Garage Panel Styles: Carriage House, Traditional

Door Material: Steel, Wood

Door Design: Short Panel, Bead Board, Laurel Bay

Color: True White, Almond, Sandtone, Dark Brown, Black

Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage doors can make or break the curb appeal of your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, then a beautiful garage door can increase the value of your property. But if you don’t know what kind of garage door would work best for your home, here are some tips to help you decide!

Choose a Garage Door That Complements Your Home

Your garage door should fit into the overall aesthetic of your home. If you live in an area with other similar homes, the chances are that your neighbors have chosen a garage door that complements their home.

Consider the Functionality of Your Garage Door

The functionality of your garage door plays a significant role in how much maintenance you need to do. Do you use your garage often? Is it easy to open and close? How long does it take to open and close? These questions will help you determine whether you need a new garage door or not. 

Choose a Garage Door for Thermal Efficiency

The garage door should keep heat inside your home during the cold months and allow cool air to escape during the hot summer days. If you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperatures, a garage door that keeps heat inside your home will save you money on energy costs.

Use a Garage Door for Security

Security is another crucial factor when choosing a garage door. Are you worried about intruders breaking into your home? Does your garage door provide adequate protection against thieves? Choose a garage door that provides security without being too heavy or bulky.

Consider the Cost of Maintenance

Do you plan on keeping your garage door for years? Or do you expect to replace it within five years? Some garage doors last longer than others. Therefore, you may want to consider the cost of replacing your garage door before purchasing one.

Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal is an essential factor when selling your home. If you don’t take care of your front yard, buyers may think there’s something wrong with your property. Here are some ways to improve your curb appeal:

  • Keep grass trimmed
  • Remove dead plants
  • Clean up debris
  • Add flowers
  • Paint your fence
  • Make sure your driveway is clean
  • Install a mailbox
  • Use lighting 

Want to Install A New Garage Door in Your California Home?

If you’re unsure what garage door to choose, our experts at Door-Mart™ Garage Doors are happy to help. We offer installation services throughout California. 

We have seen all kinds of commercial and residential garage doors with over two decades of experience installing garage doors across the state. From single panel doors to double rollers, we install them all. In addition, our team members are trained and certified by the manufacturer, so they can ensure your garage door works perfectly.  

There are many different garage door styles out there. Trying to figure out what works best for your home can get overwhelming. Let us handle it so you can focus on more important things, like finding a buyer for your home.

Our experienced team is ready to help you find the perfect garage door for your needs. So give us a call today at 1-800-829-9833 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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