Ever felt like you are throwing money out of the door? Instead of throwing money out the door try throwing some cash into your door. Under the stimulus legislation signed by President Obama on Feb. 17, 2009, tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements have been extended and increased significantly. That means that by taking the initiative of adding a new garage door in the years of 2009 or 2010 you can save money by helping to lower home energy consumption and costs, and it will help pay for itself this year through the tax credit incentive. Though past purchases in the year 2008 do not count toward your current tax incentive it should not deter you away from taking one step closer to improving your home.

The stimulus does have some regulations attached to it. You must have an installed door that has insulation. Go figure. By adding insulation you can reduce your energy bill. As a result of having an insulated door you can keep out those creepy little buggers. Say a group of large critters decide to walk into your garage when you are hosting a party all you need to do shut your new insulated door and BAM no more critters! You may be thinking “It will be hot if I close the door” but no. With an insulated door you can control the temperature. The additional insulation offers you a chill summer and a warm winter!

Not only does help to regulate temperature but it also help to eliminate clatter from the surrounding streets. That’s a selling point already! A typical neighborhood has a few teenagers which occupy it. As most people know, teenagers are the root of most loud noises i.e. parties, car stereo systems, ECT. Noises from the outside can enter through the garage and then in through the door leading to the home. These noises can cause many distractions in your home. As an alternative of dealing with this simply add a garage door that is insulated.

The garage door is obviously your largest opening in your home. Like I mentioned previously, your garage door will have a huge impact on your utility bill. In some sense you are wasting your money on something that is preventable. The tax credited offered by President Obama gives the homeowner a 30 percent savings off the material cost for the door. Sometimes even the manufacturer or dealer can offer incentives that up your purchase. Door-Mart has gone green! We are here to help you go green as well! Next time you think about throwing money out the door…Don’t instead think DOOR-MART!


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