Are you tired of your creaky, old garage door? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is yes. And like most homeowners, you’ve probably had this problem for months without doing anything to fix it.

Others have tried to fix their garage door system on their own without much success. Most give up and resign themselves to living with an overhead door that makes noise every time it opens or closes.

If you’re tired of living with a creaky garage door and are looking for residential garage door repair services, this article can help you.

Stop the Creaks

Garage doors can be a nuisance. Not only are they the biggest moving parts on your house, but they can also be the noisiest when they begin to creak. However, this overhead door noise can be easily preventable with adjustments and some basic maintenance.

1) The first step is to ensure the door tracks are properly lubricated. Check with your overhead door professionals so they can spray or brush lubricant onto the metal track of the garage door every three months.

2) Next, make sure your garage door repair professionals adjust the tension of your torsion springs. Springs that are too loose will cause your garage door to sag too much, which will put a strain on the other moving parts and may lead to loud creaking noises.

Your springs should be tight with about two inches of clearance between the top of the track and where the spring connects to it.

However, make sure it is not TOO tight, as this can cause damage to the overhead door hinges.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

You can maintain your new garage door opener and prevent it from making noise.

Start by hiring garage door repair professionals to inspect and clean the tracks regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. This will remove dirt, dust, and sand that accumulates over time.

Also, ask your garage door repair professionals to apply lubricant to the rollers. This will prevent them from sticking. You should have your garage door rollers inspected by overhead door professionals every six months.

Over time, the wheels of your garage door will become worn out and need to be replaced by a company that works on residential garage doors so that they do not make noise when moving in their tracks.

Your professional garage door services provider should also lubricate the overhead door hinges. The hinges should be lubricated every six months to prevent wear and tear that can cause squeaking.

Replace When Necessary

As garage doors age, they begin to require repairs. These repairs can be a major inconvenience, not to mention costly. For example, if your garage door’s motor or cables are damaged, you may find yourself needing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the garage door repair.

In many cases, it is a better idea to replace your garage door or replace the garage door opener when the repairs get too costly. A new garage door can be significantly cheaper than repairing an old one. In addition, a new garage door has the potential to add extra value to your home, depending on its aesthetic and other features.

New garage doors also offer convenience. If you wait to replace your garage door or your garage door opener until it breaks beyond repair, you may face the inconvenience of not being able to use your garage for an extended period while waiting for your new door to be installed. By replacing your garage door before it breaks down completely, you can avoid this inconvenience and choose the most convenient time for you.

Consult with a Garage Door Repair Professional for Help

Creaky garage doors are a common issue for homeowners. If you’re hearing a squeaking, creaking, or grinding noise when you open your garage door, it might be time to call in the professionals.

You should call a professional if:

  • You hear an unfamiliar squeaking, grinding, or creaking noise when using your garage door
  • Your garage door doesn’t open smoothly
  • There are gaps between the panels on your garage door
  • It takes longer for your garage door to open

Choose the Most Dependable Garage Door Service Providers

No matter what kind of garage door problem you may be facing, whether it’s a broken trolley system or a detached chain, take the time to know and understand your options. That’s the best way to avoid any problems in the future. In other words, if you’re not proactive about small problems like a squeaking garage door, you may end up spending a lot of money in the long run.

If you think your house needs a garage door inspection, contact Door-Mart Garage Doors right away for reliable garage door services. We are committed to delivering maximum customer satisfaction in every case, no matter how big or small your garage door service request may be. We are reachable online or via phone at 800-829-9833.


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