Have you ever slammed your finger in the garage door? It can be very painful and furthermore irritating. One innovation that has come about in modern garage doors is the jam proof garage door. Wayne-Dalton is a prime example of offering safety features in their doors. With WayneGard finger saving feature it has prevented many injuries. The edges on these types of doors are shaped so instead of consuming your fingers it repels them. This unique feature is only one of many new safety advancements. An additional great safety standard is the one in which the door will automatically reverse if any object comes in contact with it while it goes up. Moreover, if anything interferes with the operators’ eye sensors the door will stop and reverse. These features provide our clients with reassurance for themselves and their family. Nothing is worse than not being mindful and rolling up either your hand or your child’s hand. When you least expect it, garage doors shock you once again! Door-Mart Garage Doors work closely with Wayne-Dalton and all they offer. We would love to assist you in the process of making your home a little safer.


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