Owning a home or business is tiresome, especially when it seems like nothing is going right. The old saying about Murphy’s Law goes, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” As a property owner, it likely seems as if when one thing breaks, everything else around it breaks too.

Garage doors are an important part of a home or business. They provide access to vehicles, storage space, the interior of the structure, and much more. You need your garage door to work properly all the time. That’s why Door-Mart Garage Doors offers 24/7 emergency garage door repair service for residential and commercial clients throughout California.

Put Your Trust in Door-Mart Garage Doors

You can put your trust in the experienced and knowledgeable team at Door-Mart Garage Doors when you need emergency garage door repair. Our garage door technicians will be able to examine the door and all of its parts, find the issue, and make the necessary repairs in a timely manner. We work diligently so that you regain access to your garage with limited downtime, which is especially important for businesses.

Why Emergency Garage Door Repair?

You might not need emergency garage door repair service if you don’t run a business or don’t need immediate access to your vehicle. However, our technicians are available around the clock to provide you with this service when called upon. 

Look no further than Door-Mart Garage Doors for 24/7 emergency repair service even if you think it might not be necessary for your home or business. We offer this service so be sure to take advantage of it.

What Can We Repair in a Pinch?

When you are stuck on the outside looking in, the garage door repair technicians from Door-Mart Garage Doors can repair the following:

  • Missing door panels
  • Broken window panes
  • The motor
  • Cables and other pressure items
  • The wheels (rollers)
  • Place the door back on the tracks

If you can provide our technician with as much of a description about the garage door problem as possible before arrival, we can make sure that we have the correct parts for the job. If the damage is too extensive at the time of the emergency repair request, we can schedule an appointment to replace the entire door, tracks, or motor at a later date.

Emergency Garage Door Repair Service For Homes And Businesses of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter how large or small your home or business is, our technicians can provide emergency garage door repair service for you. We have handled residential garages, multi-car garages, and commercial garages throughout California with ease.

Call Door-Mart Garage Doors For Emergency Service Today

If your garage door has stopped working, fell off the tracks, or has broken parts, it’s time to call Door-Mart Garage Doors for emergency garage door repair service. Our technicians will respond to your home or business within a reasonable amount of time and make the necessary repairs so you can get back on track. 

Call us today at 1-800-829-9833 to request emergency repairs to your garage door.


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